– How do I make a booking?

You can make a booking online or over the phone. To book online please use our Booking Form. To book over the phone please call +44 7590 996609.

– I have completed the booking form, what happens next?

Shortly after completing the booking form you’ll receive a Booking Confirmation by email. This Booking Confirmation will outline your journey in full and include your unique Job Number. Once you’ve received your Booking Confirmation you can be sure your car is booked.

– What is your waiting time policy?

For non-airport collections we offer a fifteen minute grace period. This means we will not charge you anything for the first fifteen minutes of waiting. Once the fifteen minute grace period has expired, waiting time is charged retrospectively to the original pick-up time at a flat rate of:

Standard Car: 35p per minute or £21.00 per hour.
Executive Car (Business Class): 45p per minute or £27.00 per hour.
VIP Car (First Class): 50p per minute or £30.00 per hour.

– How are fares calculated?

We calculate our fares using distance and journey time. We also charge fixed amounts to/from different postcodes. Remember, we operate a fixed price policy meaning each fare is agreed upon before the journey takes place, regardless of the route or time taken.

– Can you provide child car seats?

Yes, we can provide child car seats at an additional cost of £5.00 per seat. There is a section on the booking form where you can specify the child age and the type of seat/s you require (rear facing, forward facing or booster).

– Do you charge VAT?

No, we do not charge VAT on our fares.

– Must all bookings be made in advance?

We strongly advise booking in advance to avoid disappointment, however, last minute bookings can be accommodated.

– How can I change or cancel my booking?

To change or cancel your booking please use our Contact Form or give us a call. To avoid confusion please always mention your Job Number.

– Can I have multiple pick-ups/drop-offs for my journey?

You can, however, multiple drop journeys need to be booked over the phone.

– Are your vehicles wheelchair accessible?

You can, however, multiple drop journeys need to be booked over the phone.

– Does my fare include a tip?

No. Neither the minimum charge or your fare includes a tip. Giving a tip is discretionary and completely up to you.

– I need a receipt for my journey, when do I get a receipt?

If you pay by card we can email you a receipt as soon as the payment is authorised (any time before the journey takes place or on the day). Passengers that pay by cash can request a cash receipt from the driver.

– How do I pay for my journey?

You can pay for your journey either by card or by cash. Card payments are made online or over the phone. Cash payments are made directly to the driver (British Pounds only).